What will be found on this blog??

This blog will be a place for people to follow along on my personal spiritual development, which I do desire to be of value to others. And that is because, for me, we are all having a certain experience together – and the way that our experiences are universal is literally what keeps me up at night in wonder! I delight in the unfolding of the fabric of reality and our experiences here, and this blog is where I will develop the articulations that move me down my path, give shape and poetry to understanding, and improve the ways I can communicate when teaching, training, performing or conducting workshops for those who feel drawn to be spiritually active and consciously walk their own path. I welcome the development of community here, should it be born.

in Topanga Canyon
in Topanga Canyon 2013

Those who are seekers of
“the truth”,
the nature of reality,
the nature of human experience,
the way to reach God,
the “spiritual”,
living “the path”,
the mystical,
transcendence,or whatever might be meant by “enlightenment”,
the path of intimate relationship,
or joy, peace, love and forgiveness,
may find a home here.

I welcome questions and comments and will do my best to respond to them!

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