two lives, and a very thin, gossamer veil, made of old lace, shot with holes…

A very good friend, who I am always glad to hear from, called me from the airport while I was driving by the ocean yesterday afternoon. As we caught up with each other, I was able to touch only briefly on my “inner life”  – referring to the newness of my extraordinary experiences in meditation, energy movement, etc. And I was only able to touch briefly on how this “plays out” in my “outer life”. Informed by experiences of his own, he asked me “so how does this effect your everyday life” in a couple different ways – struggling to find the best way to frame it. I could only say “there is no everyday life!” and laugh
– but mostly laughing at how poorly that describes it!

Better came to me this morning, though it is still only a conceit…

My everyday life is the surface of skin
that touches the slimy tennis ball,
or lover,
or the tree bark, or sea water:
My inner life is the hand moving out,
the arm, the heartbeat,
the eyes looking out, seeing sunshine, or pain,
and the one who is observing:
And listening to the inner life as the “outer life”
is unfolding into the senses receiving.
Yes, they are indeed, related.

Much love.

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