This morning’s meditation & prayer…

The first is always quieting deeply…

As nourishing light begins to pour in, and there is the light rush/hum of
changes in the brain and the feeling throughout the center of the body,
it is strangely active and deeply restful at the same time.
In between periods of no-thought, I may pray in some such…

I am not a body
I am free
for I am still as God created me.

No thing I think, No thing I do, No thing
that happens, no change can violate this eternal peace
my safety.

I cannot be harmed by you.
I cannot harm you.
I’ve no thing to do but love you.

Would I choose to imagine you are upsetting
or feel threatened or offended in any way?
That could only be my own thoughts making you into something,
That you are not.
I will own that it is my own fantasy making that makes you un-beautiful, ever.

You are not a body, you are free,
You are still as God created you to be.
I thank you for being perfect as you appear to me now.

And you are only me.
I am you.

I give you my peace. I give you my love.
May my love of you be all there is.
May you know only peace.

May my compassion be endless.
May my patience be unending.
May my gentleness be uninterrupted, for ever and ever.
May I always be here for you.
May I release you from any burdens I would apply to you.

I am unending.
What would be beautiful?
What would I love?
What will fill me with peace?

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