from the Alan Watts Wisdom FB page – choosing light or not? Hmmm??

“In the spectrum of BEIng, some may choose to surround themselves with light, while many others will choose to surround themselves in darkness, either way IT all stems from our choice. When we do not know what we want, our unconscious mind will make these decisions for us, whispering thoughts from our conditioned past, which keeps us limited within cycles of darkness. Surrounded by darkness, some may feel empowered by the rush, but their care is only for themselves, as a worship of ego can become like a religion for some, which is just like worshiping a myth or a ghost. They may create a strong ‘image’ of the self, but they lack the art of relationship and integration, for without that, One can only do so much alone. As Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching:

‘Tao gives birth to one,
One gives birth to two,
Two gives birth to three,
Three gives birth to ten thousand beings.
Ten thousand beings carry yin on their backs
and embrace yang in their front,
Blending these two vital breaths to attain harmony.’

As this is the main problem with the western ego mind in general, for they have split themselves in two, and have allowed the unconscious darkness to flow and work through themselves UN-noticed.

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