Live a warrior? Die a warrior? Fight the fight? “Be” the fight?

I’ve been hearing it all over this week, last month, last year,
and it’s been running through my path.

The old question brought afresh in my peers.
What does it mean to relieve suffering on earth?
And how am I to respond when the forces of darkness seem to be doubling their efforts in the face of so little resistance?
There are opportunities to experience suffering in my life, my moments, my conversations. And all about there are opportunities to live out suffering in all kinds of ways.

I invite you to throw kindling on this fire – the question burns for so many.

And, 2013 has been the most transforming year of my life, as this question has been brought Front & Center in my micro & personal, and in the place where I meet the macro & global.  After a lifetime of dime dancing and pizza dates with my deepest inner truth and Actual Knowingness, I have made the irrevocable landfall to my Home Knowing – my spiritual experience that has always been the font of my spiritual perspective. I’m homesteading here. On these pages, I will develop the metaphysics and poetry of faith, hope, desire, accomplishment, joy, compassion and forgiveness that have really been my life’s work. Those who have been my audience recently know that the clarity is no longer only nascent. May these pixels be the place where we hammer into manifestation the lucidity, the bliss and peace that our future is drawing us all to.

blessings all, blessing every, blessings each.

One thought on “Live a warrior? Die a warrior? Fight the fight? “Be” the fight?

  • There was once a samurai who wanted to learn the difference between heaven and hell. He sought until he found a master from whom he thought he could learn. He stood before the Master and asked him what was the difference between heaven and hell. The Master took the samurai’s sword and, turning it to the flat of the blade, struck the samurai on the head. The samurai was surprised at this but chose to ignore it. He thought that the Master had failed to understand his question. He once again asked the Master about the difference between heaven and hell. Again the Master struck the samurai on the head. The samurai staggered back and puzzled over this. He approached with his question for a third time and, before he could utter a word, the Master struck him a third time. The samurai was now so enraged at this behaviour that he grabbed his sword from the Master, raised it over his head and was prepared to bring it down on the Master’s head when the Master raised one finger and the samurai paused.

    “That is hell,” said the Master.

    The samurai was instantly so overcome by the courage of this frail old man – to have risked his life for the sake of a stranger’s question – that he fell to his knees and bowed before the Master.

    “That is heaven,” said the Master.

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